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New Way to Remodel Your Home

  • We put all your wishes in a rough drawing.

  • We determine whether a Draftsman or Architect is needed.

  • The Draftsman draws up the plan which we modify to get it right.

  • The Draftsman submits the plan to plan check and takes care of all corrections.

  • If no major changes are needed, we send the plan out to all licensed and insured sub-contractors.

  • We establish a budget for the watertight shell.

  • U establish a budget for all the finish components. 

  • We choose the subs and START CONSTRUCTION.

  • We supply you a Construction Schedule and oversee all phases to ensure that it’s built to code, within budget and on-time.

  • After we review all invoices, you pay the subs direct knowing just how much each trade costs.

  • Dealing with us, as General Building Contractors, subs are traditionally 15 to 20% less. 

  • We make a percentage of what you spend wholesale, not retail.

  • You can use our license to purchase finish material at contractor’s prices.

  • We can stop at a watertight shell or turn-key your project. 

You save 25% to 30% doing your project this way!!
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