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Complimentary Consultation
We will meet with you to discuss your options on whether to go up or out and what is the most cost-effective plan of action.
Conceptual Drawings
We will go over several different concepts and floor plans before engaging a draftsman or architect.
Drafting/Architectural Services
After we do the conceptual drawings, we determine whether it makes sense to engage a draftsman or an architect. If we are going to keep the exterior look of your project, we can save thousands of dollars by just having a draftsman draw up the plans. If engineering is needed we will have a licensed structural engineer stamp the plans.
Establishing A Working Budget
Once we have a set of working drawings, we can put them out to bid. While the plans are in plan check, we can establish your working budget. Sending the plan out to all of the trades, we will get the cost of the shell which consists of the demo, grading, foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, roofing, windows, stucco and exterior doors. While this is being done, U will establish your finishing budgets such as cabinets, flooring, paint, interior doors, and trim.
Permit Handling
The draftsman will walk the plans through plan check and will make any and all corrections needed to pull the permit. All you need to do is make out 3 checks: 1) for the plan check fees, 2) for the City Treasure and 3) for the permit fees.
Begin Construction
Upon approval of the agreements, the sub-contractors are selected for the project ensuring the proper insurance is in place (and if they have employees, a current workers comp policy), we then break ground and begin construction.
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