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Our approach is simple...


We are the contractor of choice if a homeowner is handy and has time to assist with the project.  We walk you through the whole remodeling and/or construction process, from the new floor plan through the issuing of the permits. We Help U Build is just that, along with your assistance, we select all the sub-contractors who are licensed and insured to do the work. Once we have selected all of our sub-contractors, we work with all of them closely to ensure that the work is being done correctly, to code and on time.  We will meet with all the inspector’s on an as needed bases and also ensure that the work is done to code and on time.  


Once the work starts, all invoices are channeled through us for approval and we pass the amount of payment on to you. You pay the sub-contractor(s) direct and save the 25 to 30% markup that normal general contractors would put on sub-contractors and material. We can stop at the ‘watertight shell’ or carry on to a turnkey situation.  A watertight shell is defined as all framing, windows in, rough plumbing, electrical, insulation, heating & air, stucco, roofing, and drywall ready to paint.  We make a percentage of what you spend and extend our licenses to you, for purchases of material on your project.

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